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Since Japanese martial arts are part of what is more generally called Bushido (way of the warrior), it is unconceivable that they be practiced without accepting the respect of traditions in which they have been steeped since their origins.

This search into past movements must aim at improving our understanding of the techniques  used in the Dojo.

SHOSHIN-KAN enables the practice of Japanese martial arts in the respect of traditions and in a favourable atmosphere for training and exchange.

In Japanese «KAN» means «PLACE» (in our case the DOJO). «SHOSHIN» is written using two characters that mean «ACCURACY» and «TRUTH», together meaning « AUTHENTICITY».

The SHOSHIN-KAN Dojo was founded in 1989 by four Frenchmen, including Jacques MARTIANO, with the purpose of practicing Japanese Martial Arts in their traditional form.
This 12-year adventure is also closely associated with laido, and more particularly with the Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu school.

Master IKEDA Shigeo 8th Hanshi Dan of the school is the author of this story that can be qualified as exceptional for a French Dojo.

Master IKEDA was born in Kyoto and trained in Kendo for many years in the OTOKUMI Dojo (run by his uncle IWAI Saburo), then his research into and his passion for katana lead him naturally to laido.

In 1989, the encounter between Jacques MARTIANO, practising Japanese Martial arts and passionate about laido, and Master IKEDA was the beginning of an uninterrupted saga. Since then, Master IKEDA patiently devoted all his energy to Jacques MARTIANO and his pupils’ progress with a generosity so huge that this alone justifies the homage that everyone regularly pays him.

For many years, the IKEDA family has welcomed Jacques MARTIANO as part of their family, and he was taught by Master IKEDA Shigeo. Here were the perfect grounds for learning the best possible way of behaving in life. Master IKEDA Shigeo was on all fronts to help Jacques MARTIANO progress. There were numerous occasions for learning (on average 4 to 5 times a year). And of course all the telephone calls, faxes and letters that demonstrated a fierce will to expand the teaching of techniques to the teaching of man as a whole.

Thanks to this relation, the SHOSHIN-KAN Dojo has become a prerequisite for those practicing traditional Japanese martial arts in France and in Europe.
Due to relations built up by Master IKEDA Shigeo, Japanese karate or kendo teams regularly visit the Dojo when over in Paris.

The most famous masters have come to visit the SHOSHIN-KAN Dojo whose traditional way of operating was already considered unconventional at that time.
Numerous press articles or television reports have been made, and testify the exceptional reputation of «a small private Dojo» that hadn’t been prepared for all that.

On Thursday 9th June 1994, the SHOSHIN-KAN Dojo, welcomed the 2lst Soke of the Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu school. This visit was an exceptional event because the Soke had been named “Muke bunka zai” (generally translated as “Incorporeal National Cultural Treasure”) just a few months before.
For this occasion, the 2lst Soke FUKUI Torao officially accredited the SHOSHIN-KAN Dojo for teaching the Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu school.

On the 28th August 1994, during a demonstration that they made together in the BUDOKAN in Tokyo, Master IKEDA Shigeo and Jacques MARTIANO met Mr HASHIMOTO Ryutaro, who visited the SHOSHIN-KAN Dojo in September 1998.

In 1998, Master IKEDA suffered a serious illness that prevented him from physically practising his art. In spite of this he was ever more present, which only goes to show how unique he was. New students practiced under his tutelage without ever having seen him take out his katana…

In 1999, the SHOSHIN-KAN Dojo celebrated its 10th anniversary with great pomp and ceremony. The ambassador MATSUURA Koichiro came especially. Shortly after he became president of UNESCO.

Soke FUKUI Torao died in June 2000.

In May 2001, even though Master IKEDA was becoming ever weaker, he decided to go on a trip with Jacques MARTIANO that was to lead them to GIFU, to Master FUKUI Masataka, 10th Hanshi Dan of the school and Soke FUKUI Torao’s son.
During this encounter, Master IKEDA asked Master FUKUI to take care of Jacques MARTIANO in the event that something should happen to him.

After having battled against his illness, Master IKEDA Shigeo died on the 24th July 2001. Since then Master FUKUI Masataka has taken Jacques MARTIANO under his wing.

Lets conclude by quoting a few words written by Jacques MARTIANO during the 10th anniversary of the SHOSHIN-KAN Dojo:
 «I would like to dedicate this event to my Master, IKEDA Shigeo, 8th Hanshi dan of the laido Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu School.
The gratitude that I wish to pay him comes from the heart and no words can do justice to this gratitude, so great is my debt to him. The respect that I have for him is flawless and without bounds. I ask that he may forgive me for all the countless efforts that he made for me to constantly progress in my mind and in technique. I hope that one day he will be rewarded for his generosity.»


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