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Individual transmission

I am always dissuasive when a new person wants to integrate the group, because I want to be sure that there is no misinterpretation on his behalf about the «moral membership contract» proposed.

Today, many sports are taught to a group, as if it were possible to transmit essential issues to the multiple components that make up a group, considered in a way as if it were a unique individual. In this way we favour moderate and purely technical attainment for all, to these sports from which the very aspects that made it interesting have been removed. This type of practice is also justified by its sought-after financial return. The student who receives this education merely receives a watered down part of it. The consequence of this type of practice is a high turn-over of students experienced by teachers who adopt this type of teaching. This is generally of no consequence since the student himself is after appearances, and spends much of his time shopping in multi-sport supermarkets available to the general public as long as you have the adequate funds.

Genuine transmission cannot be done like this. Only corrections given individually and adapted to each person can produce the expected results. Each individual is different, and the route to reach the summit must be chosen carefully at each stage of his progression. In this way, when the decision has been made to travel the road together, nobody is abandoned on the side.

In return, the deshi must be warned about the difficulties and the pitfalls that he will have to overcome, and about the demands that he will have to endure, as much on a technical level as about his way of being in his every day life.

The only thing expected of him in return and laid down in the «moral membership contract» is the commitment to progressing technically, morally and culturally, so that when the time is right, he may one day and under the same conditions transmit the education that he has received.

As is said in Japan, "When a Sensei has found his Deshi, he should thank the gods each day of his life".


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