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Born on the 30th March 1952 in Paris, Jacques MARTIANO began studying Karate when he was fifteen with KASE Taiji Sensei, who first taught him that techniques are just the visible part of an iceberg called BUDO.

He continued his secondary education at the Louis le Grand secondary school and spent most of his adolescent life studying and training. He went to university and started training with MOCHIZUKI Hiro Sensei where he first discovered Iaido. For several years he practiced Karate, aikido and iaido simultaneously and then yoseikan budo. He left university with a degree in law and economics and obtained a diploma in chartered accounting. He joined the army for a year and left as a reserve officer.
When MOCHIZUKI Hiro Sensei moved to the South of France, he entered into a period of “roaming” where he desperately sought a Sensei who could teach him the BUDO spirit. He practiced and taught more and more iaido and jiu-jitsu. At this time he began studying Japanese with the intention of going to live in Japan. This all changed when he met his future wife, Shoko TOYOMURA in 1978. They were married in 1980.
Finding it impossible to find a Sensei in France who could teach him more than just the technique and to find a place where he could train in a traditional form, in 1988 he decided to create a private dojo with three friends just as passionate about their sport as himself.
This is the adventure of the SHOSHIN-KAN Dojo and the encounter with IKEDA Shigeo Sensei elaborated further on.