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A difficult path to follow…

The extreme constraints and demands involved in rigorous practice lead to the discovery of freedom on a par with the effort deployed.

Whilst the movements can be identical over and over again, situations are not, since the technique is only a support. Budo is not what we see but what we are when we have practiced daily and rigorously for many long years.

The objective is to apply the same the same discipline exercised in this form of practice, to his everyday life and in his relationship with everyone with whom he comes into contact.
In our present society, in which values have not only changed but have very often disappeared,  it is not easy to adopt such a way of being.
There again it is difficult to change oneself, but if achieved is extremely self-satisfying. The example we can give is contagious and after several years, we all notice a change in the behaviour of those around us.

What joy to live in harmony with these principles and values…

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Practice the Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu 's school

"I sincerely hope that those wanting to learn the Iai taught in our school will improve themselves, without either adding the slightest personal opinion to the Katas that have been passed down from ancient times to the present day, or altering the figures that our masters have passed on to us, and that they will study with the strong conviction that they will pass them on correctly to future generations.
The sabre is the mind.
If the mind is straight, the sabre is straight. If the mind is not straight, the sabre is not straight either.
Any person wishing to learn the sabre must first straighten out his own mind, since - irrespective of the tips of the branches - the mind is the root. He must calm his mind through techniques, and therefore resolve to reach a harmonious spirit.
Engrave on your heart that Iai is a spiritual art to which one devotes all ones energy and life with unwavering determination."
FUKUI Torao 21st Soke

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